Christmas in Stavanger 2023

Visit the Christmas market in Byparken, the Gingerbread City at the Oil Museum or lace up your skates on the ice rink at Kjeringholmen. Here is a summary of all the fun activities and happenings in Stavanger leading up to Christmas!

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Main events

How about a horse and cart ride during your visit to the Christmas Market? Or stroll through Julefargegaten on your way to the lighting of the facade lights in Vågen, while you feel the cozy Christmas atmosphere sink in. The streets are decorated with lights, lanterns and Christmas-decorated winter greenery - and beautifully decorated shop windows. During the Christmas shopping, you are likely to come across a tiny carousel, a choir or other entertaining surprises. This year, many of our stores are open until 21:00 the last half of December. If you plan your trip to the city in the evening hours, we are sure that you will have an atmospheric visit.

Here are some of the events you can look forward to:

Christmas market in Byparken

Experience a magical atmosphere when the Christmas market takes over the city park from Saturday november 25th. In the shelter of the Cathedral, you enter the portal to the district's coziest Christmas market with great craft and locally produced products. Here you will find both the unique gifts and the completely genuine Christmas atmosphere! Feel the calm descend and let the scent of Christmas and warm smiles make the run-up to Christmas extra nice.

Opening hours:
25.-26. November (Saturday and Sunday)
2.-3. December (Saturday and Sunday)
7.-10. December (Thursday to Sunday)
14.-17. December (Thursday to Sunday)

Thursday and Friday at 14:00-19:00
Saturday and Sunday at 11:00-18:00


The Ice Rink is back!

Kjeringholmen has been transformed into an atmospheric winter landscape, and here there will be a cozy atmosphere for young and old every day until March 3rd! If you do not have your own skates, you can rent for the whole family. You can enjoy a cup of cocoa, a coffee or a sausage while watching the kids go ice skating.

The course is serviced:
Weekdays at 16:00-20:00
Saturday-Sunday at 12:00-18:00

Rental of skates costs:
Kr. 50,- per pair
Kr. 200,- for a cut card with 10 cuts
Use of the track with your own skates is free 


The Gingerbread Town at the Norwegian Oil Museum

Also this year, the sweetest and most fragrant city of all is being built, namely the Gingerbread Town!

Here are beautiful, impressive, cute, weird and tasty houses put together into a fantastic town that is worth seeing every year.

The opening of Aftenbladet's Pepperkakeby is December 3rd at 15:00.

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday at 10:00-16:00
Sundays at 10:00-18:00
Closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and December 31st.

Organizers: Stavanger Aftenblad and the Norwegian Oil Museum



Fargegata invites you to the opening of Julefargegaten Saturday 2nd of December. All the restaurants and shops in the street are decorated for Christmas and promise Christmas atmosphere, Christmas music, Christmas drinks, Christmas snacks and even more Christmas. There will also be singing, music and other Christmas fun.

Bøker og Børst organizes its annual Christmas concerts:
Meberg Christmas concert – 14th of December at 20:00
Christmas in Fargegadå VOL VIII – 21st of December at 20:00


Julemarked in Pedergata 27

At the cozy Christmas market in Pedersgata 27 you will find unique gifts and the selection will vary throughout the four weekends. Locally made hand crafts from local producers and designers.

25.-26. November
2.-3. December
9.-10. December
16.-17. December

Opening hours:
Saturdays at 11:00-16:00
Sundays at 12:00-15:00


Christmas market at Stavanger Old Town

The traditional Christmas market in the Old Town of Stavanger happens Sunday December 3rd. Studios, workshops, museums and cafés in Old Stavanger have decorated themselves and welcome the public to a cozy pre-Christmas Sunday.

Opening hours are Sunday December 3rd at 11:00-16:00.


Lighting of the Christmas tree at Domkirkeplassen

In keeping with tradition, the Christmas tree will be lit at Domkirkeplassen on Sunday December 3rd.

The event starts at 16:30 and the lights are lit at 17:00 by Mayor Sissel Knutsen Hegdal.

See you there!



Lighting of the Christmas lights in Vågen

At 18:00 on December 3rd the Christmas lights are lit on the row of sea houses in Vågen - we are looking forward to it!

PS - Rumours say that it would be smart to be there around 17:50 with the kids. Someone mentioned that Santa might come in his sleigh from Domkirken and down towards Vågen around that time!


"O Tou med din glede"

On December 13th and 14th Tou open their doors to the old brewery and welcome everyone to a cozy Christmas market with art, second hand, lights and real musical Christmas joy. Wednesday December 13th will be great for families and most activities for kids are for free.

Both days start at 15:00.


Christmas at Valbergtårnet

Valbergtårnet will be open the three weekends before Christmas. Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00-15:00 you can enjoy the best view in town!


Christmas all over!

Every day in December:
Santa Claus has his own mailbox located at Arneageren. Here the children can put up a wish list, and maybe someone will have their wishes fulfilled?

Sunday November 26th:
12:00-18:00 The Pepsi bus is located at the ice rink at Kjeringholmen

Wednesday December 6th:
The Ice Queen is singing her way through the streets

Thursday December 7th:
The Ice Queen is singing her way through the streets

Friday December 8th:
The Ice Queen is singing her way through the streets

Saturday December 9th:
The Ice Queen is singing her way through the streets

Sunday December 10th:
The Ginger Bread Man is being silly in the streets

Monday December 11th:
The Ginger Bread Man is being silly in the streets

Tuesday December 12th:
The Ginger Bread Man is being silly in the streets

Wednesday December 13th:
The Ginger Bread Man is being silly in the streets

Thursday December 14th:
17:30-18:30 FlameChild Fireshows at Domkirkeplassen

Monday December 18th:
10:30-12:30 Guri Malla is in the streets and at Sølvberget

Tuesday December 19th:
10:30-12:30 Guri Malla is in the streets and at Sølvberget

Wednesday December 20th:
18:00 The choir Canentes performs in the city streets


Free home delivery

You can combine Christmas events and Christmas shopping! If you want your hands free, we can drive your shopping bags to your home. More information HERE.


Opening hours

Many of the shops and the shopping malls have expanded their opening hours in December. Please note that this does not apply to all shops, but most have the following opening hours:
3. December: Sunday open 14:00-18:00
4.-9. December: Ordinary opening hours
10. December: Sunday open 14:00-18:00
11.-15. December: Shops to 20:00, malls to 21:00
16. December: Shops and malls to 18:00
17. December: Sunday open 14:00-18:00
18.-22. December: Shops to 20:00, malls to 21:00
23. December: Shops and malls to 18:00
24. December: Closed